Suspect Arrested After 1,000 Dead Pigs Reported

Suspect Arrested After 1,000 Dead Pigs Reported

Suspect ARRESTED After 1,000 Animals Found Dead

( – The food chain in the United States is currently under strain, and incidents involving the deaths of animals aren’t helping the situation. On June 30, Sac County, Iowa, law enforcement officials discovered more than 1,000 dead pigs at two confinement sites after responding to a report of dead animals. Elana Laber, the employee responsible for the sites, now faces charges of criminal mischief and livestock neglect.

Laber told Sac County Sheriff deputies that someone had turned off the electricity to the barns the night before, which caused their deaths. But upon further inspection, the officers determined the pigs had been dead for at least a week. Additionally, they discovered the animals didn’t have access to water or food. Confronted with the evidence, Laber admitted the animals had perished the week before, but she didn’t know what to do about it.

Sadly, this incident is not the first involving a large number of deceased livestock. For example, reports surfaced in June that thousands of cows had died due to intense heat in Kansas. Similarly, a massive fire burned down a barn at a Minnesota egg processing facility in May, killing thousands of chickens.

Significant losses of livestock like these put additional stress on food chain supplies already impacted by pandemic-related issues and summer droughts.

Have you noticed empty shelves at your local meat markets?

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