Sweden Riots Lead To At Least 40 Injuries

Sweden Riots Lead To At Least 40 Injuries

(FeaturedNews.com) – Easter weekend in Sweden saw riots in the streets of multiple cities. Authorities reported at least 40 people injured, 26 of which were members of law enforcement. The violence included the burning of police vehicles, cars, and even a school.

Reuters explains the riots started after a demonstration by Hard Line, a Danish anti-immigration political party. The group’s leader, politician Rasmus Paludan, organized events throughout the country, focusing on cities with Muslim populations, to burn the Quran during Ramadan.

Issues began on April 14 after Paludan kicked off his planned demonstrations. He had approval to host these events, but protestors came out, and that’s when things turned violent. Riots erupted in Malmo, Norrkoping, Orebro, Landskrona, Linkoping, and Stockholm. While officers are still investigating, there have been at least three arrests reported in Malmo, with multiple people detained.

NPR reported National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg said police appear to be the main target of the violence. He said authorities believe there is a link with gangs in the area and think the criminals joined in the protests, turning them violent. He suggested they took advantage of the distractions from the Hard Line agenda to filter in with the protestors.

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