Taco Bell Employee Caught Scamming Customers

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(FeaturedNews.com) – A Taco Bell employee from Ohio was arrested this month after he had allegedly scammed customers of the fast food chain with fraudulent credit card transactions.

Crystal Orwig, one of the Taco Bell customers, revealed to WTVG/ Gray News that from now on she would never give anyone her card and that they would need to give her the machine in order to make the payments.

The employee, Trevell Mosby, had been working at a Taco Bell on Navarre Avenue and was arrested this month on charges of theft and identity fraud. According to the charges, customers had stated that their bank statements had shown multiple fraudulent charges that sometimes were for hundreds of dollars.

Kristin and Crystal Orwig who had previously visited the fast-food location had stated that they were suspicious of how long it had taken for the employee to run their card. As Kristin Orwig stated, they had given their card over to the kid who had swiped it but had claimed that it had not gone through and proceeded to swipe it again.

The couple noted that as they had just used the card they knew that the cashier should not have a problem with it. However, when they checked their bank account days later they allegedly found $700 worth of online credit charges that had been made from the location. They are currently in the process of recovering their funds.

The Oregon Police Department is currently investigating the case and has arrested Mosby on fraudulent charges.

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