Taiwan Has a Supersonic Cruise Missile That Can Hit China

Taiwan Has A Supersonic Cruise Missile That Can Hit China

Taiwan Finally Has A Plan Of ATTACK Against Communist China

(FeaturedNews.com) – After China announced this week that the Taiwan Strait was its sovereign territory and not international waters, the government of Taiwan issued a stark warning: they have a supersonic missile that can reach Beijing. As tensions between the two nations and the chances of conflict seemingly rise, both sides posture for strength in the region and political clout on the world stage.

The Yun Feng missile, which Taiwan has been developing for quite some time, originally had a range of 600 miles. The newest version unveiled by Taiwan reportedly reaches 1200 miles, putting China’s capital within reach. The escalation in tensions between the two nations worsened substantially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as Taiwanese officials drew parallels between the conflict and their plight.

China sees Taiwan as a rogue nation that it intends to retake one day, using force if necessary. Taiwan, which considers itself independent and sovereign, rejects claims that the Chinese government can annex it and works with the international community to keep the waterways between itself and China an open right-of-way for all.

Even with a supersonic missile and similar support afforded to the Ukrainians, Taiwan’s ability to repel a Chinese invasion may be futile. It’s unlikely that many countries would want to face off against the communist nation of more than 1.4 billion people, which would conceivably leave Taiwan to defend itself without assistance.

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