Teacher Put on Leave After Doing Something Insane

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(FeaturedNews.com) – An elementary school teacher in Massachusetts was put on paid administrative leave following two incidents that have been described by the state as being traumatic to students of color. 

The Southborough’s school district superintendent Gregory Marineau wrote to parents to outline the two incidents that had taken place in a fifth-grade class in January and April. According to the statement, during a class lesson focused on the triangular slave trade the teacher, who has not been made, called for two of the Black students to stand in front of the class. The class proceeded to enter a discussion about their physical attributes and participated in a “mock slave auction.” 

Marineau stated regarding this case that holding the mock auction was in violation of the district’s core values and that it was unacceptable. He continued by pointing out that role plays and simulations focused on historical trauma are not acceptable teaching methods. 

During the second incident that same teacher had been discussing a certain book and had used the N-word. However, the book itself did not contain that word. 

Following the two incidents the parents had attempted to reach out to the teacher, which had only resulted in the student that had complained being called out. 

Early last month the teacher was placed on administrative leave while an ongoing investigation into the incidents was launched. 

He continued by apologizing for the events that had unfolded in the school and that while there were missteps in the handling of the case, he was responsible for ensuring that all students would have a safe learning environment.

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