Teacher’s Aide Arrested For Having Inappropriate Relations With Student 15 Times

Teacher's Aide Arrested For Having Inappropriate Relations With Student 15 Times

BETRAYAL: Teacher’s Aide Does the UNTHINKABLE to Minor Student

(FeaturedNews.com) – A 42-year-old middle school teacher’s aide allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a young boy, landing her in jail on felony charges. Shaundra Cartwright, employed at White House Middle School in Millersville, Tennessee, stands accused of statutory rape by an authority figure for an alleged inappropriate sexual relationship with a teenager.

The unnamed boy was 15 years old when the relationship reportedly began and continued until he was 17. At that time, family members became concerned and passed their suspicions on to authorities. Detectives found 15 instances of illegal sexual contact between the aide and her student, as well as connections between them on social media, text messages, and other forms of communication.

Investigators brought their case to a grand jury. The evidence was enough to return a sealed indictment, prompting cops to book the accused pedophile into the Sumner County jail on charges of statutory rape by an authority figure and continuous rape of a child — both felonies. The City of Millersville released a statement revealing the details of the case along with a mugshot of the accused, who appears to be smiling in the photo.

The school district told Nashville’s News Channel 5 that Cartwright was immediately suspended without pay, pending the results of the case. Tennessee code states that those convicted of either crime are not eligible for probation, meaning a conviction will likely come with a mandatory jail sentence.

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