Teen Turns Tragedy Into Something Beautiful

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Emily Bhatnagar, a girl from Maryland, had spent her entire life turning to books whenever she felt lonely. Novels were what kept her company while she had no friends to turn to. As she noted she would often become “immersed” in the novels and she would then feel “less lonely.”

Bhatnagar has now turned 19, but her love for books never waned. In fact, to this day books act as a source of solace and purpose for her. Since 2019, Bhatnagar has donated more than 15,000 books to children who are undergoing cancer treatment through For Love and Buttercup, a book drive that she has started.

As she said, she chose the name because she thought of “buttercup flowers” and how they represent everything that is pure and innocent. These are exactly the feelings that she would like these children to experience. In fact, she wants them to be able to feel “that innocence” regardless of everything that is going on.

The start of her book drive came in late 2019 when she received the news that her father had been diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer. In the next year, Bhatnagar focused on virtual school and her shifts at Monsoon Kitchens, while also acting as her father’s caregiver. Sometimes she would need to tube feed him, and other times she would just spend more time with him. She added that everything going on had added to her anxiety which resulted in her taking a “break from high school.”

That is what got her thinking about all the children who are going through the same thing that her father is currently facing. This led to her posting on the community-centric app Next Door and starting her book drive from there. The large response allowed her to start with the donations which she has continued in the last two years.

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