Teenager Wins Incredible Gift at Stranger’s Funeral

Photo by Mayron Oliveira on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – Gabriella Bonham, a 16-year-old teen from Oklahoma, has stated that she is exhilarated after she won a car last month at the funeral of a woman she had never met. As the teen told Fox News Digital, she was “very grateful.”

Bonham stated that everyone who she has told about her recent win, which helped fulfill the woman’s last wish, has stated that everyone should do something like that when they pass away. She added that it was great to see something positive happen and to see how it could affect people who were not directly involved in it. She pointed out that people just wanted to “do good things,” which was “amazing.”

The woman in question was Diane Sweeney of Oklahoma City, who unexpectedly died on July 7, 2022. Only a few weeks before passing away, she had told her nephew that she wanted her car, a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle, which was one of her most prized possessions to be gifted to someone who attended her funeral.

Rick Ingram, the woman’s nephew, stated that she had always been very giving and that he clearly remembered the day she had told them that anyone who attended her funeral should be eligible to win her car. Ingram had then told her that he was going to make sure that happened.

Only thirty days later, his aunt died, and he was called to make her last wish happen. As a result, they put out the word at a local news outlet and stated that whoever attended the funeral, regardless of whether or not they knew his aunt, would be eligible to win the car. The story then ended up running on Channel 4 which resulted in the funeral home being packed.

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