Teens Makes Interesting Friendship With Unlikely Stranger

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Dee Harkrider, had finished a shopping trip when she realized that she had left her wallet in her shopping cart at Walmart. However, what started off as a possible disaster ended in the development of a beautiful friendship.

After Harkrider had driven off, Delivontae Johnson, 19, drove into that same Walmart parking lot in Forrest City, Arkansas after needing a new tire because of hitting a pothole. Once in the lot, he realized that there was a black item laying in a cart near him. The item was Harkrider’s wallet which included some cash, bank cards, and her driver’s license.

As Johnson recalled, he had been trying to find out who the person in the photo was so that he could return the wallet. He proceeded to search on Facebook for someone with the same details as Harkrider. After sending a message to Harkrider, which ended up going unanswered, he reached out to one of Harkrider’s friends, Elaine Keown, who had previously engaged with one of her photos.

It was Keown who worked as the intermediary between the two, who told Harkrider that her wallet.

Harkrider reportedly hugged Johnson as soon as she saw him and claimed that she was relieved to see young people like him exist. Despite their relatively large age difference, Harkrider has also become friends with Johnson and his family and even attended a baby shower in his family. Johnson has also gone to Harkrider’s church service before.

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