Tennessee Family Faces Deportation After They Fled Germany Over Homeschooling

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(FeaturedNews.com) – A family from Tennessee could be facing deportation 15 years after they originally moved to the United States to homeschool their children. Hannelore and Uwe Romeike originally made their home in East Tennessee after being fined in Germany for homeschooling their children. However, their asylum claims were rejected five years later as the authorities found that the family was not being persecuted.

Uwe Romeike told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday that they had not been told anything about what was happening and were also wondering what had happened.

The Department of Justice noted that in Germany, the goal was to create an “open, pluralistic society” and that tolerance was an important lesson that all children in Germany needed to be taught.

Still, as Hannelore Romeike explained, homeschooling is not legal in Germany, so they had originally moved out of the country. They further pointed out that if they returned to Germany, they would be persecuted in the same way they had been before.

At first, an immigration judge had determined that the asylum claim the family had filed was appropriate. Kevin Bode, the attorney representing the family, argued that originally, it was found that the fear of persecution the family expressed was reasonable; however, after an appeal from the Obama administration, the Supreme Court denied their asylum case.

Boden argued that the family fears returning to Germany, which is as real today as it had been when they originally left the country 15 years earlier. Boden added that the Romeike family should be allowed to legally remain in the country as they had for the last 15 years.

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