Terrifying Footage Leaked From Prison

Terrifying Footage Leaked From Prison

Prison Footage LEAKED – It’s Horrifying

(FeaturedNews.com) – Rumors have circulated for months of intolerable conditions inside the federal detention center housing defendants from the January 6, 2021, incident at the US Capitol Building. The Gateway Pundit recently obtained exclusive, secret footage from inside that facility.

The man who leaked the footage, Brandon Fellows, showed what life is like for what he calls political prisoners at the Correctional Treatment Facility at the Washington, D.C. jail. He described cockroaches, feces water on the floor, and more in a series of eight videos.

The first video shows mold in the sink and water on the floor allegedly containing human waste. Then he moves on to the cockroaches. While they scatter when he turns on the lights, he captures at least one bold critter running on the sink that provides drinking water to detainees.

Another video shows Fellows pulling on a light switch that appears to be just hanging there, with wires exposed on the inside. He rhetorically asked if they were intentionally trying to hurt someone. As far as quality of life, the inmate says he was allowed out for only six hours in nine days. In another video, guards forced him to wear a pair of handcuffs while watching TV quietly in a room by himself.

The Gateway Pundit reported this is the only footage from inside “the DC Gulag” available since the facility’s rules strictly forbid recording of any kind. The outlet said Fellows, who faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, could be in even more trouble if the authorities find out that not only did he make the recordings but leaked them to the media.

Fellows may have legal options if his discoveries pan out. His legal team is testing the alleged mold sample he collected, and a fund for his defense continues to supply money to fight the charges against him and the poor living conditions.

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