The Impenetrable Pentagon Courtyard Is Invaded — By a Bunny

The Impenetrable Pentagon Courtyard Is Invaded — By a Bunny

( – The Pentagon is the physical manifestation of US military power. The massive building is highly protected, and getting inside the interior courtyard is extremely difficult because it has no outside entrance other than through the buidling. Still, an unlikely interloper managed to infiltrate the structure.

Reports surfaced that a bunny was in the courtyard of the Pentagon on February 14. The Department of Defense didn’t confirm the breach, but eyewitnesses say the furry animal did make it into the heavily guarded area. Insiders who have seen the rabbit say it is simply hopping around but has given no indication of its intentions.

Sue Gough, the Pentagon spokesperson, said animals are sometimes present, but how this bunny got in is still unknown. It’s not possible the animal could have hopped the walls. Rumors are that it probably flew in with the help of a hawk.

Gough should be familiar with the policy since a chicken managed to get into a secure area just a few weeks ago. While it didn’t manage to get past the walls, its suspicious activities led personnel to believe it was attempting a breach. The chick’s intentions remain unknown, but the recent plethora of animals getting into the Pentagon does seem questionable. So, are the bunny and chicken working together on a spying mission? We may never know since neither suspect is talking.

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