The National Census Is Being Sued for Inappropriate Questions

The National Census Is Being Sued for Inappropriate Questions

National Census Is Being SUED For Asking These Questions

( – Under a mandate in the Constitution, the US Census occurs once every 10 years to provide a count of the country’s residents. The Census Bureau also releases an annual American Community Survey (ACS), which is a current hot topic for  discussion, and not for good reason. The Pacific Legal Foundation announced on May 24 that it was bringing a class action suit against the US Census Bureau and Department of Commerce for asking “inappropriate and intrusive” questions.

The attorneys contend the ACS asks questions under threat of criminal charges, some of which touch on personal details including sexual orientation, marital status and history, the biological connections between parents and kids, and job details. The survey also deep dives into other private matters, such as health status and financial budgeting details. Pacific Legal Foundation upholds that the US Census can ask whatever questions it likes in the ACS but cannot compel people to answer them.

The group filed the case, Maureen Murphy et al. v. Gina Raimondo et al., with the Western District of Washington District Court. Also named as defendants in the suit are Census Bureau director Robert Santos and US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo.

According to the Census Bureau, the ACS is a yearly survey that goes to sample portions of the US population. It helps to provide information the government uses to determine funding distribution. The survey also provides information to the public that they can use in business and community planning.

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