The Seven Time World Champ You Have Never Met

Photo by Stefan C. Asafti on Unsplash

( – There are many sports in this world, but one that many don’t know about uses one of the world’s most popular foods, pizza. Tony Gemignani first began spinning pizza dough at the age of 17 at his brother’s pizzeria in Castro Valley, California. Originally people would gather to watch him toss the dough 15 feet in the air before sliding through his legs, across his shoulders, and around his back. Throughout all of his acrobatics, he never dropped the pizza.

As Gemignani described, both he and the customers loved it. Over three decades later, Gemignani is now an acclaimed pizza acrobat, as he has won 13 world championship titles. Of those seven are for acrobatics while six are for cooking. He also holds several Guinness World Records, such as the “largest pizza base spun in [two] minutes,” for a pizza pie that was 33.2 inches wide.

As he stated, the tricks that the Harlem Globetrotters do with a basketball, they are capable of doing with a pizza. Pizza acrobatics, which is also referred to as pizza freestyle or pizza tossing, has been a thing since the 1980s, and oftentimes it is considered a sport. As part of the sport, people need to toss around stretched pizza dough while also performing impressive tricks with it. Some of the acrobats are actually capable of spinning two pizzas simultaneously. This impressive sport requires complete dedication and practice but also physical strength and coordination.


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