These Chinese Pilots Are Doing Drills With Russian Aviators

These Chinese Pilots Are Doing Drills With Russian Aviators

Chinese Jets JOIN Russia – Red Alert!

( – Multiple leaders from the Indo-Pacific region recently met with President Joe Biden in Japan for the Quad summit. During that time, in a surprise move on May 24, Russia and China decided to fly warplanes near Japanese airspace. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi announced during an online news conference that their jets had to evacuate the airspace due to approaching Russian and Chinese aircraft.

Kishi expressed how concerning the situation was and stated the aggressive move was likely due to the Quad summit. He also noted this is the fourth occurrence since November of Russian or Chinese warplanes flying near Japanese airspace.

This incident involved two Chinese aircraft and two Russian planes that flew over the Sea of Japan. They followed a course toward the East China Sea, and at one point, two other aircraft, tentatively identified as Chinese, replaced the first warplanes and continued with the Russians to the Pacific Ocean.

Kishi also explained that a Russian reconnaissance plane later flew over the Noto Peninsula. The defense minister noted none of them actually entered Japanese airspace.

Reuters confirmed the reports, stating the Russian and Chinese aircraft were part of a cooperative military patrol the countries practice each year.

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