Thousands of Migrants Prepare To Enter U.S.

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( – A new video has emerged showing thousands of migrants celebrating while a passing freight train moves towards Eagle Pass, Texas. The migrants were attempting to hitch a ride on the train on their way to the U.S. southern border.

The train had been around three hours from Eagle Pass at the time of the train being captured on video. Thousands of people had been lined across the train tracks waiting for the best opportunity to jump abort the southern border.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources have noted that Border Patrol Agents were overwhelmed by the number of migrants that had entered the U.S. border. On Tuesday the migrant encounters within one single day had been more than 10,000. Last week, there had been single days where the migrant encounters had been above 12,000. This was breaking the daily records and was causing agents on the ground to be overwhelmed.

In the Del Rio Sectors, there were 2,700 encounters, while in Tucson there were 3,000 encounters, meaning that the two sectors are currently functioning 200 percent over capacity.

FOX in a recent report noted that lawmakers had stated that according to officials every single day more than 5,000 illegal immigrants were being released to the country. This includes the 1,600 migrants who are processed via humanitarian parole at the ports of entry each day.

Lawmakers were told that agents had been seeing migrants arrive from over 150 countries. On Tuesday, sources argued that in the Sun Diego sector, there had been over 190 Chinese nationals.

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