Top Biden Official Made Secret Chinese Investment

Top Biden Official Made Secret Chinese Investment

Biden Official’s Secret Chinese Investment Could Get Her In Trouble

( – Department of Transportation (DOT) Administrator Nuria Fernandez invested in a Chinese company known to use forced Uyghur labor. In her official filings for 2021, the top DOT official shows that she bought up to $15,000 worth of stock in Li-Ning Company — a company suspected of questionable practices.

Li-Ning, owned by the Olympic medalist of the same name, sells clothing made from cotton produced in Xinjiang Province, where forced Uyghur labor runs rampant. Both the US government and human rights advocacy groups recognize the abuse there. At one point, members of Congress even petitioned NBA players to drop the brands using the tainted material.

Li-Ning’s use of the largely-boycotted cotton isn’t a secret. Fernandez buying into it creates a seemingly embarrassing situation for President Joe Biden, who may not have the best track record for vetting his own nominees. This transaction isn’t the administrator’s first, either. The National Pulse reported that she also holds interests in Tencent, a Chinese tech firm red-flagged for its possible use as a “tool of the Chinese government.”

As one might expect, the Biden administration considers itself a champion of human rights and speaks out against atrocities. However, what goes on behind the scenes may not always reflect the benevolent nature of the president’s portrayed intentions. The willingness to overlook a top official’s investment in something so controversial could be seen as a serious lack of judgment.

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