Top Democrat Accused of Assault

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( – On Wednesday, legal summons were filed in the Supreme Court of New York against the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams. A woman who had previously worked with Adams alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by him in 1993.

The woman claimed that at the time of the assault she had been working for the city and she is now seeking $5 million in damages at least. She specifically notes in the summons that she was subjected to battery, sexual assault, retaliation, gender discrimination, emotional distress, and a hostile work environment.

A spokesperson for City Hall rejected these accusations and claimed that Adams has no recollection of ever meeting the woman in question.

The allegations against Adams were considered timely under the New York Adult Survivors Act, as the woman filed the document two days before its expiration. The Act has been used in several lawsuits against many high-profile figures including Jamie Foxx, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and even former president Donald Trump.

The Act gave adult sexual assault survivors one year in which they were able to sue even in cases where the original statute of limitations had expired.

As a result of this law, Trump was found liable for having defamed and sexually assaulted author E. Jean Carroll in a civil trial and was made to pay $5 million. Combs reached a settlement with Cassie, the singer in question, who had accused him of abuse and rape.

Apart from Adams, the listing also includes three unknown entities as well as the New York Transit Police Department and the New York Police Department Guardians Association.

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