Top Democrat’s Aide Robbed at Gunpoint

Top Democrat's Aide Robbed at Gunpoint

Armed GUNMAN – Top Democrat’s Aide Targeted!

( – It seems that no one is safe in New York City these days. For instance, a couple of hoodlums recently mugged an aide to Democratic Mayor Eric Adams at gunpoint. The incident occurred on July 5 while Christopher Baugh was scouting a location for an upcoming event in Brooklyn.

Baugh told the two men he worked for the mayor, but they didn’t care. The crime happened around 10:30 a.m. at the intersections of Navy and York Streets. The aide tried to resist the assault, refusing to anything over to the thieves. However, the criminals flashed a gun, pushed him to the ground, and snatched his wallet and city-issued cell phone.


Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran New York Democratic political consultant, warned the craven nature of the attack painted a bleak picture of the city’s future. “New Yorkers are going to feel less safe,” he said, considering Baugh’s status as a city hall staffer.

Fabien Levy, Mayor Adam’s press secretary, released a statement about the incident, stressing the mayor’s commitment to reducing crime. He also pointed to the need to reduce the level of “dangerous guns” on New York streets.

What do you think? Will limiting the availability of firearms reduce crime?

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