Top Hip-Hop Star Flips on Biden

VOGUE Taiwan, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Cardi B, the famous rapper, has now turned against President Joe Biden following his recent announcement that there would be a budget cut of five percent in public services in New York City. The rapper who had been involved in the Biden campaign promotion in 2020 went live on Instagram for 10-minutes where she vowed that she would never again be endorsing an aspiring president.

Cardi B, who was raised in the Bronx, responded with her comments to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ announcement that the five percent budget cut would have an effect on schools, the policy of public libraries, and several other departments including sanitation. In the statement, Adams stated that for months he has been speaking up about the fiscal situation that their city was facing in order for them to balance the budget as was necessary. He added that every agency in the city has had to examine its budget and find ways to save more without disrupting the services.

While they were succeeding in this, there was still an increase in migrant costs while the growth from tax revenues was slowing down.

Following the news, Cardi B stated that she was very “angry” and that everyone needed to share this video and that if something were to happen to her it would be because she was sharing the truth. As she pointed out in New York, there was a $120 million budget cut which was going to have an effect on many services, including a “$5 million budget cut in sanitation.”

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