Top News Editor Accused of Placing Errors in Certain Stories

Top News Editor Accused of Placing Errors in Certain Stories

Top News Editor Claims SABOTAGE – Name Dropped!

( – A war between editors at The New Yorker played out on Twitter, with a lower-ranking archive editor accusing the magazine’s editor-in-chief of intentionally sabotaging her work. Erin Overbey laid out a series of 40 tweets aimed at David Remnick for adopting double standards with male and female employees, which she says led to him intentionally interfering with her work.

According to the 50-year-old’s tweet storm, Remnick, her longtime boss, placed errors in her work that brought her professional name under review. The Daily Mail laid out a timeline of the posts, which describe an environment at the ritzy publication that is hostile towards women and, through inaction, intentionally avoids addressing racial issues.

In one of the tweets, Overbey tags the magazine and sarcastically lets them know that she feels for them for being accused of doing something that wasn’t necessarily their fault.

The overall tone of the posting barrage shows a woman who seems obviously distraught that her career faced scrutiny, something she doesn’t believe was deserved. Overbey went into great detail about the errors she was forced to answer for, offering to provide evidence to back her claims.

Overbey’s boss hasn’t publicly responded to the allegations as of July 21.

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