Top University Cancels Football Season

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( – On Thursday, Northwestern State University announced that Brad Laird, their head coach for football, was going to retire. They further stated that following the fatal shooting of one of the team’s players earlier this month, they would be canceling the rest of the football season.

The university stated that following the fatal shooting of Ronnie Caldwell, the team’s defensive back on Oct. 12, they were worried about the “mental health and well-being” of the rest of the players in the team. NSU President Dr. Marcus Jones pointed out that Caldwell had been a beloved member of the university community and that he was missed. He added that while originally they had instinctually decided to return to the football field, they have since found out that many in the team were deeply hurt by the shooting and needed time to heal and mourn.

The team had another four games left on their schedule. Head coach Brad Laird also announced that after six seasons with the team, he would be retiring. He added that the “emotional” pain caused by Caldwell’s loss did not allow him to give the players in the program his best. He also stated that any coach would say how much they are like a family with their players, and that losing the player was like losing a son.

Laird also expressed his love for the team and university and stated that he was sure they would persevere and move forward.

The shooting occurred on Oct. 12 at the University Parkway area. The Natchitoches Police Department had found Caldwell with many gunshot wounds at around 1 a.m. on that day.

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