Trouble Brews on Plane After Baby Starts Crying

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( – A woman took to Reddit’s famous subreddit community called AITA (“Am I the a–hole”) to ask whether she was wrong to have made a request to the couple sitting in front of her during a flight. As she described, she is 28 years old and recently took a relatively long flight.

She proceeded to explain that she normally tends to get really nauseous during flights, which is why she takes Dramamine to help her sleep during while in the sky. However, on this particular flight, she was unable to sleep because there was a couple sitting in front of her with a baby – a baby that of course, happened to be crying. She stated that this was not something she would normally complain about, as flights can be stressful and scary, especially to young children.

However, she explained what caused her to start complaining was when the couple decided to start changing their baby’s diaper right on their seat, using the food tray table instead of the bathroom, like most people would.

As the user shared, the scent from the diaper made her very nauseous, leading to her throwing up in the bathroom as a result. However, she kept quiet until the parents of the child decided to change the baby on the food tray again. It was then that she asked them to use the plane bathroom instead of just doing it in the middle of the plane. The flight attendant also told them that the baby needed to be changed in the bathroom.

The mom then went off on the lady, telling her how stressful and difficult traveling with a baby is. The pilot followed up by making an announcement, stating that diapers should only be changed in the bathroom, which resulted in the couple being annoyed.

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