Trump-Backed Candidate Shows Double-Digit Lead Over RINO Republican

Trump-Backed Candidate Shows Double-Digit Lead Over RINO Republican

( – Recent polling brings good news for South Carolina’s Republican candidate Russell Fry. He’s hoping to win a seat in the US House of Representatives, taking the place of Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC). With backing from former President Donald Trump, Fry is coming out ahead of the current representative.

A Fry for Congress internal poll, conducted from March 13 to 15, asked 615 likely GOP voters in the district various questions about their votes in the upcoming primary. Respondents gave Fry a 20-point lead over Rice and even bigger leads over other contenders in the primary race.

The poll found voters largely disliked Rice due to his vote to impeach Trump, and when considering alternatives, they thought Fry was the best choice. Of those who had previously voted for the Congressman, 63% said they would no longer do so, and only 21% said they would. Roughly 11% didn’t support the representative before and weren’t planning to this time.

Polling also showed that once voters knew Fry had the former president’s backing, they were more likely to support him. The candidate appeared at a recent Trump rally, where he told voters they’ll have the chance to impeach Rice when they go to the ballot box this fall.

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