Trump Calls For Boycott Of DirecTV After They Drop OANN

Trump Calls For Boycott Of DirecTV After They Drop OANN

( – Time Warner, the parent company of the popular satellite service, DirecTV, recently made the decision to cancel One America News (OAN) from its lineup, sparking outrage in Conservative circles. Senator Rand Paul (D-KY) already admonished the move, calling for an outright boycott of DirecTV and referring to the company as “Communist.” On March 14, former President Donald Trump also chimed in.

In a statement, Trump stood with OAN and the idea of freedom of the press. Referring to Time Warner as “heavily indebted,” he reminded the public that the company also owns CNN.

Trump also waxed poetic about the pitfalls of mainstream media, the radical Left, and the steps Americans should take to combat their politics.

Some consider Time Warner’s decision a blatant media attempt to eliminate Conservative voices. Networks, cable providers, web hosting companies, and social media platforms have all come down hard on the Right, removing influential people, pages, shows, and now entire news channels. The typical response to these banishings is simple: private companies are allowed to make changes and arrange their content as they see fit.

While the First Amendment allows for freedom of speech and the press, it doesn’t address those rights as they apply to private citizens interacting with private enterprises. Trump and Paul’s response is an appeal to the private sector to respond in kind, removing companies unfriendly to Conservative causes from their personal lineups.

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