Trump Calls for Firing of Paul Ryan

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( – Former President Donald Trump urged Fox Corp. to fire Paul Ryan, former GOP House Speaker, if it ever wanted to be trusted again.

On Wednesday, Trump took to Truth Social to announce, “Nobody can ever trust Fox News,” adding that he also couldn’t trust the network, as Paul Ryan, who he described as a “weak and ineffective RINO,” remains on its Board of Directors.

Trump continued, suggesting Ryan is a “lightweight” who failed as House Speaker, adding that he is a “very disloyal person.”

Trump has been at odds with Fox News since the network made an early call in favor of Joe Biden winning Arizona in the 2020 election.

That relationship was strained in 2021, following the U.S. Capitol protest on January 6, 2021, and came to a head when the network appeared to back Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over Trump in the GOP’s Presidential primary.

But on Wednesday, Trump highlighted the network’s relationship with Ryan, Senator Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) running mate in 2012, as the latest reason viewers could not trust Fox News.

“Romney was bad,” Trump declared while suggesting Ryan “made [Romney] look worse,” adding that the pair didn’t stand a chance at winning the election in 2012.

Trump concluded by calling Rupert Murdoch, who serves as chair emeritus of its board, and his son, CEO of Fox Corp., Lachlan Murdoch, to fire Ryan, stating they “don’t need him,” and declaring, “ALL YOU NEED IS TRUMP.”

Trump’s remarks come a week after Ryan suggested during an interview on Fox News that the former President is “unfit” for office and claimed he would be writing in a candidate in November.

Trump also called on the Murdochs to fire Ryan on May 9, after Ryan questioned the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s character on May 8.

During a roundtable at the Milken Institute Global Conference, Ryan suggested the Presidency is a “job that requires the kind of character that [Trump]… doesn’t have.”

In response, Trump called for Rupert Murdoch to “fire pathetic RINO Paul Ryan” from the Fox Corp. board, noting that the organization would “sink to the absolute bottom” if Ryan remained involved.

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