Trump Calls for IMMEDIATE REMOVAL – Of Who?

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Trump Calls for IMMEDIATE REMOVAL – Of Who?

Former President Donald Trump said that New York Attorney General Letitia James, whom he nicknamed “Peekaboo,” needs to stop trying for re-election, and that she should be removed from office and disbarred immediately. This is following the lawsuit she filed last week in which she accused Trump and his family of fraud.

During a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, Trump said that there had never been a president who has had to go through everything that he had to deal with.  He wished wished Michael Henry, James’ GOP competitor, “a lot of luck, ” claiming that Henry represents the changes that the people in New York are hoping to see moving forward.

Outside of the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home and the documents that were seized from there, James’ lawsuit shows an attempt by the left to target their political opponents, at least in Trump’s view. The former president also said this obsession is very clear in the lawsuits against him and his family, which was made by “the racist attorney general of New York state.”

Trump went on to call James a “raging maniac” who has been obsessively ranting about him. He believes that her plan is to “weaponize her office against me,” and that he is being directly targeted by the Attorney General.

Trump has called both of James’ lawsuits as well as the Jan.6 committee investigation “gross prosecutorial misconduct.” He wants the Department of Justice to focus on James’ abuse of power rather, than on him.

Trump concluded that crime rates in New York have also massively increased under James, implying that she is at fault.

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