Trump Case Halted, Fani Willis Staying On

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( – The case against former President Donald Trump and others has been halted in Georgia as an appeals court reviews the decision by a lower court judge to allow Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to stay on the case. 

On Wednesday, the Georgia Court of Appeals ordered that Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee could not move ahead with pretrial motions while the appeal about Willis’ involvement was pending. 

Although it was unlikely the case would have made it to trial before November’s election, the delay all but confirms that. 

In August 2023, Trump and 18 others were indicted by a Fulton County grand jury. After reaching deals with the prosecutors, four defendants pleaded guilty. The remaining 15 — including Trump — pleaded not guilty. 

Nine of the defendants, a group that included the former President, attempted to have Willis and her office removed from the case, after news that she had a romantic relationship with Nathan Wad, a special prosecutor in the case. The group claimed that the relationship was a conflict of interest. 

In March, McAfee declared that there was no conflict of interest but that either Willis or Wade would need to be removed from the case. Later that same day, Wade stepped down. 

However, McAfee also granted Trump and the other defendants’ request to seek an appeal of his ruling from Georgia’s Court of Appeals, writing that there were “reasonable questions” about Wade and Willis’ truthfulness in their testimony about their relationship.

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