Trump Exposes His Prosecution’s Star Witness

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( – Late last week, former President Trump claimed a win, expressing his sentiments on Truth Social, following what he saw as self-contradictory testimony from Michael Cohen, his previous legal advisor. Cohen was a crucial witness for New York Attorney General Letitia James in the civil fraud suit against Trump.

Trump accused Cohen of being deceitful during his testimony, stating that Cohen himself admitted Trump had not done anything wrong. He labeled Cohen as utterly disreputable and questioned the integrity of the case against him. Trump went on to attack the presiding judge, accusing him of bias and an unwillingness to conclude the case, despite its apparent weaknesses.

He also criticized Attorney General Letitia James, suggesting she should shift her focus to the rising rates of violent crime in New York. Trump lamented the absence of a jury trial and claimed that the proceedings were tarnishing the reputation of the New York judicial system to an extent that it would dissuade businesses from operating in the state. He further suggested that the state’s Governor should intervene.

Moreover, Trump alleged that the entire case amounted to political interference by his opponents. This all came after a day when Cohen’s testimony seemed to conflict with statements he made in 2019 about Trump’s financial activities. When cross-examined, Cohen was presented with previous statements where he denied that Trump had instructed him to exaggerate his net worth. This appeared to be at odds with his more recent testimony.

Confronted with this inconsistency, Cohen defended himself by suggesting that Trump’s legal team was selectively using parts of his earlier statements to discredit him. He also reiterated a frequent point he has made in the past about Trump’s way of communicating, likening it to the subtlety and innuendo often associated with organized crime figures. According to Cohen, Trump has a way of making his wishes known without explicitly stating them.

Overall, the day’s proceedings introduced a new layer of complexity and heightened tensions in an already contentious legal battle.

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