Trump Fires Back After Being Found Guilty

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( – Former President Trump expressed his frustration on Wednesday after his New York City criminal case was handed over to the jury for deliberation.

Trump, when criticizing the judge, stated, “It’s a disgrace. And I mean that. Mother Teresa could not beat those charges. But we’ll see. We’ll see how we do.” Trump did in fact not do well, as he was found guilty on all counts on Thursday, May 30th.

Political strategists suggest that Trump is aiming to frame the case as unfairly stacked against him.

Trump was found guilty of 34 felony charges for allegedly falsifying business records to hide a hush money payment to an adult actress during the final days of his 2016 presidential campaign. This payment was intended to keep their alleged affair a decade earlier secret.

Judge Juan Merchan required Trump to remain at the courthouse throughout the deliberations, which is standard procedure to ensure all parties are available in case of a note or verdict. Trump repeatedly complained that his mandatory presence at the trial has kept him from campaigning. Despite this, he managed to hold rallies and fundraisers on days off from the trial, and his poll numbers did not decline during this period.

After being found guilty, Trump went on a wild rant, stating that “the real verdict is going to be Nov. 5 by the people, and they know what happened here, and everybody knows what happened here,” presumably believing that despite being found guilty, it’s not over for him yet, and that the American people will still vote him back into the White House on Election Day.

The former president also vehemently maintained his innocence, further stating that he is fighting for the country, and the US constitution. He clearly is not going to back down despite the verdict, and he is extremely unhappy with the state of the United States as well.

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