Trump Hilariously Trashes Kim Kardashian

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( – Former President Trump shared in a recent post on his social media platform Truth Social that Kim Kardashian was the “most overrated celebrity.”

On Wednesday, Trump started off by criticizing Jonathan Karl for claiming in a section of the book “Tired of Winning,”  that he had previously asked Kardashian to use her status as a celebrity in order to get some football players to visit the White House following her push for Trump to grant more prison commutations. However, Trump claimed that the incident described in the book was incorrect and he had no need for Kardashian in order to bring football players to the Oval Office.

Specifically, Trump stated that in the book it is alleged that he needed the “world’s most overrated celebrity” to assist him in order to get football stars to visit the White House in exchange for commuting prison sentences. However, he argued that this story was “Fake News” and that Kardashian would be the last person he would ask for assistance if he wanted to bring football players to the White House.

In 2018, Kardashian and Trump met at the Oval Office to discuss prison reforms. At the time Kardashian had advocated for Alice Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug charges and money laundering to be pardoned. Days later the President pardoned Johnson.

Still, in the book, Karl claims that there was a different incident during which Kardashian had requested from Trump additional commutations and that allegedly a source who was familiar with the discussion had alleged that Trump after hearing the request had requested that she get football stars to visit the White House.

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