Trump Raid Raises Major National Security Risk

Trump Demands Recusal From Clinton-Appointed Judge in Case Against Hillary

Officials in Panic Mode — America Is At Risk!

The recent revelations that former President Trump may have taken classified documents concerning the nation’s security to his Florida home have raised questions about U.S. national security.

On Friday the affidavit used for the search warrant of Trump’s home was released and its content raised many alarms in the government. From the Mar-a-Lago estate, there were 184 classified documents retrieved in January. The information contained in those documents was highly classified and even included information that should not be shared with foreign governments or data gained through “foreign communications signals.”

Locating these 25 sets of classified material led to the Justice Department seeking a search warrant after months of failed negotiations with Trump which included a subpoena. The search warrant allowed the to gather 11 more sets of sensitive documents and material.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has more alert lawmakers who will now need to evaluate the damages caused by the mishandling of his sensitive material. The documents were also not stored in a secure location or an appropriate manner according to the information provided to lawmakers.

Former intelligence officials have also reported that the process of finding out whether the classified documents were compromised was long, but that they would now be taking further steps to eliminate the potential damage.

James Clapper, who served as director of national intelligence under the Obama administration, wrote that they will now need to proceed with the utmost caution. The intelligence community will also need to check the “chain of custody” of the documents as well as look at how the documents were handled since their time in the White House. This process would include looking through and finding everyone who has had access to these documents, or all of the photographs and copies of the documents being made.

Classified documents are normally handled with care under strict rules and regulations.

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