Tiffany Trump’s Father-in-Law May Help Win Arab Vote

Ali Shaker/VOA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Massad Boulos, a Lebanese-born businessman whose son has married the youngest daughter of former President Donald Trump is trying to push that Trump is a better option for Arab Americans than President Biden is. 

The influential community is currently angry with the way that Biden has been handling the conflict in Gaza and his support of Israel. However, as many Arab Americans have pointed out Trump is even more pro-Israel than Biden is and has in the past made a number of comments and taken actions that critics amount to be Islamophobic. 

Throughout his political career, Trump has often put his relatives and family members in important campaign and White House roles. Boulos, who two years ago became connected to the Trump family after his son Michael married Tiffany Trump, is the latest of the relatives to become a part of the family’s political orbit as he attempts to use his connections within the community in order to increase support for former President Trump. 

Many Trump allies consider it possible for Trump to take advantage of the dissension in the Democratic base relating to the Israeli offensive in Gaza which according to some results has led to the death of more than 37,000 people. 

In Michigan, an area with a high number of Arab Americans, Biden faced a protest vote in February as Democratic voters opposed his position. 

In an interview, Boulos pointed out that for Arab Americans currently the top priority was the war in Israel and looking at who would bring peace in the region. As he argued, this is an answer that they want to know.

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