Trump’s GoFundMe Account Shut Down

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( – GoFundMe has clarified its stance regarding a fundraising campaign initiated for Donald Trump following a significant legal judgment against him. The campaign was launched shortly after Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump is liable for approximately $355 million in fines due to fraudulent activities. This decision came after it was determined that Trump, along with senior executives of The Trump Organization, exaggerated the worth of assets to secure better deals from lenders and insurers.

The lawsuit, initiated by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, originally sought $250 million in damages. However, James later increased the amount to $370 million, plus interest, pushing the total judgment to over $450 million with the inclusion of pre-judgment interest. This amount is expected to grow daily until fully paid.

The fundraising page, titled “Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment,” was created by Elena Cardone, wife of businessman Grant Cardone, in response to the judge’s ruling. Since its inception, the campaign has raised around $414,000.

However, this initiative has sparked debate on social media, with some users questioning its compliance with GoFundMe’s policies, particularly those regarding fundraising for individuals convicted of crimes. Critics argue that the campaign may violate the platform’s rules, prompting calls for its removal.

Despite these concerns, GoFundMe has stated that the campaign does not breach its terms of service. Jalen Drummond, the platform’s director of public affairs, confirmed that the fundraiser is within their guidelines.

Trump criticized Judge Engoron and Attorney General James in a social media post, denouncing the judgment as part of a biased political attack. Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, announced plans to appeal the decision, framing it as an unfair political pursuit against Trump, who is a leading presidential candidate.

Attorney General James hailed the ruling as a significant triumph, emphasizing the principle that no individual, regardless of their wealth or power, is above the law, including Donald Trump. This case continues to elicit strong reactions from various quarters, highlighting the complex interplay between politics, law, and public opinion.

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