Trump’s Most Loyal Supporters May Turn On Him

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( – On Thursday, attorney Norm Pattis, who represents Joe Biggs, a leading figure in the Proud Boys, stated that the defendants required the assistance of the government to subpoena former President Donald Trump as part of their sedition trial.

Biggs is currently on trial for seditious conspiracy, along with Enrique Tarrio and three other Proud boys allies for their involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection. The far-right group has been known for their support of Trump.  Last month, it was reported that the defendants wanted to bring Trump to testify as a witness in the trial, however, they have not yet been clear on why they think it is necessary for Trump to testify under oath.

Thursday’s announcement confirmed that U.S. District Court Judge Tim Kelly would need to decide whether or not he approved the subpoena.

Previous efforts to have Trump testify in the January 6 related trials have been unsuccessful, however, the Proud Boys might just be successful as Trump directly referred to them in the past, saying “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” during the October 2020 presidential debate.

While Trump might not be testifying in the case, a high-ranking Proud Boys member from North Carolina, Jeremy Bertino, who has already pleaded guilty to his own seditious conspiracy charge, is going to be taking the stand in the trial. While Bertino had not attended the January 6 riot, he had been part of conversations with the other Proud Boys leaders ahead of the Capitol riot.

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