TRUTH Social Raises $1 Billion in Investments

( – Donald Trump’s new social media platform is starting to pick up speed. The anti-censorship alternative to Twitter and other platforms that banned him during the weeks before Joe Biden took office, now known as TRUTH Social, has currently raised over $1 billion in investments. The funds will be used to help Trump and his team develop and launch the platform in the near future.

TRUTH Social’s Core Values

One of Trump’s main goals in developing his own social media platform to rival Twitter, Facebook, and other mainstream platforms, is creating a site that does not censor views that may not be considered politically correct. Following Twitter’s wave of banning users over little more than expressing views its founder disagreed with, mostly accounts of well-known conservatives, Trump began planning a platform that encourages conversations by eliminating censorship and political discrimination.

Many conservative Twitter users moved to Parler, Gab, and other less restrictive platforms following Trump’s ban or after they were banned from Twitter themselves. TRUTH Social is seems to be a promising alternative for bringing back the conversations that were once possible many of the other popular platforms became largely one-sided.

What’s Next for TRUTH Social?

Now that Trump’s social media platform is nearing the funding it needs to move from an idea to reality, he has begun to put together the team that will develop and run the platform. Republican congressman Devin Nunes announced on Monday that he will be leaving his current position in the House of Representatives to head TRUTH Social. Nunes explained that, “the time has come to reopen the internet and allow for the free flow of ideas and expression without censorship,” and Trump elaborated that partnering with Nunes will help conservatives “restore our voice” on the internet.

Nunes is set to officially become the chief executive of Trump Media & Technology Group in January 2022, and Trump and his team are currently aiming to launch TRUTH Social sometime during the first quarter.

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