TSA Finds Something Shocking in Man’s Luggage

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Over the past weekend, security officials at Philadelphia International Airport found a man that had been carrying a loaded 9mm in his gym back. According to officials, this is the second time that the man has been caught with a firearm.

The Transportation Security Administration pointed out that the gun had been loaded with 21 bullets and that one of them was in the chamber. The same man had previously been caught by security over having incorrectly packed his gun at the airport.

The airport’s TSA federal security director Gerardo Spero argued that it was “unforgivable” for the man to have committed a gun-related offense for the second time.

The Tinicum Township police are going to cite the man who will also be required to pay large federal financial civil penalties.

On the same day, a different man was also caught with a .38-caliber handgun in his carry-on bag while going through airport security. The second man who resides in Souderton Pennsylvania will also face a federal financial civil penalty and be cited by the police.

Spero argued that there were no justifications for carrying a gun to the airport’s checkpoint. He added that there was only one way to fly with a firearm and that was to have it unloaded in a hard-sided locked case. He added that in those cases the firearm needed to be declared at the check-in counter and that it would then be transported to the aircraft’s belly where it would be inaccessible during the flight.

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