Twelve Year Old Boy Commits Armed Robbery at Michigan Gas Station

Twelve Year Old Boy Commits Armed Robbery at Michigan Gas Station

Police IDENTIFY Suspect – He’s Only 12 Years Old!

( – A gas station clerk found herself in fear for her life after a 12-year-old would-be robber pulled a gun on her. The unidentified adolescent fired a shot into the ceiling, where the spent shell casing then hit one of the clerks. The other employee threw a bank bag full of cash at the youngster, and he fled the scene.

The first responder on the scene was Hartford Police Chief Tressa Beltran. Having been in the area on unrelated business, she took the call and arrived 90 seconds later. She spotted the young crook and apprehended him without incident. However, this was no case of a troubled kid looking for attention, according to Hartford Police Lieutenant Mike Prince.

According to ABC13, Prince was “flabbergasted” that the child showed no emotion. “Every day, I’m seeing something new at this job,” said the lieutenant. That’s saying something, considering he’s been an officer for 38 years. The boy reportedly asked a friend at school what gas station was busiest, went home, took a 9mm from his parents’ gun safe, and walked to the location, fully intending to pull off a robbery.

Prince said the boy offered no motive for the alleged robbery but said it wasn’t money. The pre-teen said he would have tossed the money in the sewer. Van Buren County, home to Hartford, has no juvenile facility, so the boy awaits his next court hearing from a detention facility in a neighboring county.

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