Twice Deported Illegal Commits Heinous Crime in U.S.

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( – Kevin Castro-Garcia, a Honduran national, was charged last week in two different murders in Nashville. The 31-year-old man who had been deported from the United States twice in the past is being charged with the fatal shooting of Elmer Nahum Miranda-Martinez. As the authorities in Nashville noted, the body of Miranda-Martinez had first been found on Sept. 27 “badly burned” inside a a car that had been set on fire.

Detectives have stated that it is currently believed that the man was first shot before his body was placed in the trunk of the car. It is not yet clear what the motivation behind the killing was.

On Friday, the authorities also announced that Castro-Garcia was being charged with a second murder after the body of Brandon Rivas Noriega, 26, was found decomposing in the trunk of a different car. Noriega had originally been reported missing on Oct. 5 by his mother. Prior to his disappearance, his family had received a text from him that indicated he was in trouble and in need of money. His mother had last seen him two days earlier.

The detectives during the investigation found that the missing man would often go to a residence on Fanning Drive. By searching the residence, they were able to find the information about a property that was located on Rural Hill Road. When they arrived at that property, they discovered a Ford Focus and an abandoned trailer. The body was found decomposing in the trunk of the vehicle.

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