Twins Born the Size of Soda Cans

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

( – When twins Kimyah and DJ Jackson were born, they weighed 12 and 15 ounces respectively. That is the weight of a key fob or a pop can.

As Jenna Homrock, the Cleveland Clinic spokesperson noted, the twins were given only a 10-20 percent chance of survival while it was also likely that they would face developmental delays. However, the twins who were born at 22 weeks, managed to win the fight and they became the youngest surviving twins at the hospital.

Following Kimberly Thomas’ delivery of the two babies, they needed to be resuscitated and intubated. For days the mother had to be at the NICU where she was not able to hold her babies. As Homrock revealed, the early birth meant that the skin of the babies was too fragile for skin-to-skin contact.

However, after spending 138 days in the NICU, the twins have now been cleared to leave the hospital and head home with their parents Kimberly and Damante Jackson. The day was celebrated with a graduation ceremony thrown by the Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital Caregivers and the twins were even given caps and gowns. In the photos from the celebration, the two babies can be seen smiling and looking at each other.

In total, the twins spent around four and a half months at the hospital. According to the doctors, it will be a few more years before they can properly assess and determine if the twins are going to experience any developmental delays.

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