Twitter Claims Flagging The Federalist Was a Mistake

Twitter Claims Flagging The Federalist Was a Mistake

( – When it comes to social media platforms it’s not too difficult to find yourself in the pitfalls of violating community standards. For everyday users, this is a common occurrence, but one would like to believe news outlets have free reign to air the latest topics. News outlet The Federalist recently told a different tale.

Twitter recently flagged articles posted by The Federalist, a well-known conservative media outlet, for violating community standards. Any attempt to click through to the site from the social media platform led to a screen telling the user to avoid the link and a list of reasons why they may be in danger.

The social media platform also labeled political hot topics related to Ron DeSantis, the Supreme Court and Hunter Biden as “misleading content or unsafe.”

A Twitter spokesman told Fox News Digital that the label was, in fact, a mistake, announcing they removed the warning notice. The company brushed off any blame, claiming its size and the pace at which it works with third parties absolves it of responsibility.

Twitter finds itself criticized often for censoring Conservative voices, especially since the infamous banning of Former President Donald Trump. The social media platform has removed several other key Republicans in the months since that time. The news that it had seemingly targeted The Federalist instantly prompted swift backlash.

Notably, the platform’s decision to reverse a warning is uncommon. Trump and many others still find themselves without access and unable to exercise freedom of speech on the platform.

Many have expressed doubt over the legitimacy of Twitter’s claim that the flag was an innocent mistake. What do you think? Does the ban, which most likely affected traffic to a Conservative site for hours, sound intentional or not?

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