Twitter Failed to Remove Criminal Child Videos Claiming They Didn’t Violate Policies

Twitter Failed to Remove Criminal Child Videos Claiming They Didn't Violate Policies

Child VICTIMS – Twitter Made a Secret Decision That Could Cost Them

( – Two teenagers claim that illegally obtained pornographic pictures and images of them spread like wildfire on Twitter, partially because the Big Tech company refused to take them down. The kids, who filed a lawsuit in a US federal court under aliases, say blackmailers conned them and abused them at a young age, forcing them to send additional photos.

The first teen, listed as “John Doe” in the suit, was coerced by someone he thought was an older female classmate to send nude pictures of himself. Shortly after he agreed, the blackmail began. If the boy was going to keep the things he sent from going public, he had to keep sending them — and he had to find a friend. The second demand resulted in the other plaintiff, listed only as “RJ,” living the same nightmare. It’s unclear if RJ is male or female.

The alleged pedophilia happened when the youngsters were only 13 and continued until they finally blocked their emotional captors. The harassment ended for a bit until the material appeared from two accounts on Twitter.

John Doe immediately asked the company to take the clips down but to no avail. The company denied the teen’s requests several times before finally removing the content. The suit says it took the intervention of a Department of Homeland Security agent before the tech giant did anything.

Twitter emailed the New York Post a statement that reads like a fairly standard boilerplate response, declaring its dedication to ridding its platform of human trafficking and child pornography. There was no direct comment on the lawsuit.

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