Two Men Assaulted in Suspected Hate Crime

Two Men Assaulted in Suspected Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Two ASSAULT Victims Reported – It Looks Like a Hate Crime

( – Washington DC police are on the lookout for two men who allegedly assaulted a gay couple on Sunday. The assailants approached the pair as they walked down the street, shouting racial slurs and referencing monkeypox, a dangerous disease currently causing concern in the gay community and elsewhere.

Police reports obtained by ABC say the couple was punched repeatedly before the attackers fled. Metro Weekly, a popular LGBTQ publication, documented the incident in detail, offering the first names and ages of the men but withholding their last names for their own safety. The blog reports the assailants appeared to be teens who assumed the sexual preference of their victims by the way they were dressed.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser weighed in on the crime, lamenting the attack against the city’s LGBTQ residents. She called for all Washingtonians to come together to support each other, especially the area’s marginalized people, during difficult times of intolerance.

Monkeypox has become both a public health concern and a reason for some to act out toward the gay community. President Joe Biden recently declared it a public health emergency that primarily affects homosexual men who have relations with each other. Health officials have stressed, however, that the illness isn’t exclusive to that demographic and can be spread by anyone.

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