U.S. Coast Guard Pulls Off Miraculous Rescue

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U.S. Coast Guard Pulls Off Miraculous Rescue

The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday saved a man who fell overboard. The man was reportedly on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico. One official has called the incident a “Thanksgiving miracle.”

The Coast Guard wrote in a released statement that they received a call at around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, informing them of the missing passenger from the Carnival Valor cruise ship.

The military branch was able to locate the 28-year-old man at around 8:25 p.m. after multiple rescue teams were searching for the man who reportedly fell overboard on Wednesday evening near Southwest Pass, Louisiana.

Ryan Graves, a petty officer for public affairs in the 8th District, called the incident a “Thanksgiving miracle” especially as it is quite rare for someone to be found after they have spent so many hours at sea without any flotation device.

According to the release, the bulk carrier CRINIS directed the Coast Guard New Orleans MH-60 Jayhawk aircrew to where they should try to locate the man based on the water movement.

The crew managed to recover the man and bring him aboard their helicopter. Once they arrived at New Orleans Lakefront Airport, the man had to wait for emergency medical services.

Lt. Seth Gross, a Sector New Orleans search and rescue mission coordinator, noted how the entire team is thankful to have been able to find the missing man and bring him back to safety.

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