US Economy Hit Again as Fire Breaks Out at Food Processing Plant

US Economy Hit Again as Fire Breaks Out at Food Processing Plant

America’s Food Supply HIT – Mystery Reported

( – A fire at a processing facility in Waupaca County, Wisconsin, is the latest in a string of events that seem to be targeting the US food market. The plant, which makes staple American frozen foods, is 1 of 19 documented by the Gateway Pundit (TGP). Since early 2021, plants across the country processing everything from meats to breakfast cereal have been going up in flames.

What Happened?

Festival Foods went up in flames after sparks from a construction job in the back of the factory ignited a wall and, in a very short period of time, a good portion of the building. The fire went on for hours. More than 100 people were working in the building at the time, all of whom made it home safely.

According to a local report from WAOW News 9, Waupaca Area Fire District Chief Jerry Deuman said the fire was contained, and he didn’t anticipate any further investigation. That may seem odd considering the sheer number of other fires at similar facilities popping up for more than a year.

Coincidence or Coordinated Attack?

TGP’s investigation showed numerous reasons why authorities may want to consider arson as the cause of some of the fires. According to their extensive list, beef, pork, and poultry seem to be a favorite destination of “accidental fires.” When you add other items of concern, such as the millions of egg-laying hens destroyed this year alone, it may become easier to imagine that somebody wants the food markets to spike.

Fires have hit more than processing facilities. About 40,000 pounds of food, bound for hungry people in the desert near Maricopa, California, caught fire, as did a community food bank in Garrard County, Kentucky. The attacks, if that is what they are, cover ground from coast to coast and border to border.

Cause for Concern

The already-inflated food market doesn’t need anything to make things worse. It was already plagued by manufacturing and processing issues, supply chain holdups, and labor market shortages. The last thing it needs is more problems. Since the fires seem to extend back into early 2021, however, it’s probably safe to say that they’ve had at least some impact on prices.

As the economy continues to spin toward the unknown, attacks on the nation’s food supply could cause serious disruptions in every area of American life. Whether the foods that used to seem so abundant and inexpensive become too pricey to purchase or simply unavailable, food insecurity could become a serious issue for a large number of people.

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