U.S. Military Explosives Turn Up After Being Stolen

(FeaturedNews.com) – Although our military is essential when it comes to protecting the United States, misuse of military resources can and does happen from time to time. Explosives and other weapons have been reported stolen numerous times, sometimes linked to concerns surrounding the possibility of the government making a dangerous power grab in the future. Other pieces of equipment have simply gone missing, likely as a result of negligence regarding storage procedures. These missing weapons can go undetected until they cause accidental harm, as was the case in a recent incident in Mississippi.

What Happened in Mississippi?

An August incident at a recycling yard in Mississippi shed light upon at least one major breach in properly storing weapons. An employee was killed after an artillery shell exploded, leading to the discovery of a second unexploded shell was upon further investigation. The shells, which are believed to have come from nearby Camp Shelby, are among hundreds or even thousands of explosives that have gone missing from various military bases during the past decade.

Issues with Proper Weapon Storage

Although having access to a wide range of weapons is critical to ensure the military is able to achieve its missions, improperly storing them and being negligent about proper sign-out procedures can quickly become a liability. The military is supposed to be diligent about knowing where every weapon is at all times, making sure that only personnel who are properly trained on how to use a particular weapon have access to it. Intentionally or negligently letting these procedures slide can have deadly consequences.

While only a small percentage of the military’s weapons ultimately go missing, they often do not turn up until they inadvertently harm someone. Improving regulations to keep track of weapons and make sure they are where they are supposed to be can go a long way toward improving the overall security of our military’s resources.

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