UK Bans Russian Aircraft from Airspace; Now a Criminal Offense

UK Bans Russian Aircraft from Airspace; Now a Criminal Offense

( – The United Kingdom (UK) recently took a fierce stance against Russian aggression in Europe by banning all Russian aircraft from its airspace. The ban and criminal offense, which apply to all private and commercial flights, aim to further disrupt Russia’s ability to trade and travel and isolate it from the world.

British authorities are also looking into aircraft operating inside their country with third-party registrations that may have connections to Russian oligarchs. These individuals are wealthy business owners who gathered resources from the Soviet Union in its death throes, later using it to build private empires worth billions of dollars.

Those men have already seen a massive amount of cash, land, and luxury property seized by governments around the world in response to Russia’s movements in Ukraine. Investigators in the UK grounded suspected Russian-owned aircraft and continue to conduct criminal investigations into their origins.

In a strong statement in support of Ukraine, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the policies aim to “suffocate Putin’s cronies” and make their typically luxurious lives as miserable as possible.

The new rule grants air traffic controllers the power to refuse Russian-registered aircraft entry into UK airspace. Controllers can also deny access if they suspect someone with connections to Russia chartered the airplane in question.

The language within the new legislation appears to leave little to no wiggle room. Should the US do this as well?

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