Ukraine Troops Have Reportedly Reached Russia’s Border

Ukraine Troops Have Reportedly Reached Russia's Border

Ukraine Troops Reach RUSSIA – A Complete Reversal!

( – Unsubstantiated rumors about a swing in power near Kyiv in Ukraine are turning heads. Newsweek reported on unconfirmed stories from the Daily Mail and Forbes claiming that the Ukrainian military pushed Russian troops out of cities just north of the capital and back to their own border. If this is true, it could mark a turning point in this conflict.

The Latest Reports From Ukraine/Russia

The Daily Mail reported commanders in the Ukrainian military relayed that they had control over four small towns just north of Kyiv and managed to push out Russian troops. The situation marks another embarrassing loss for Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially if his military has to flee.

The publications also noted unconfirmed reports from late May 10 suggesting Ukrainian troops were within three miles of the Russian border. This positioning would allow them to hinder supply lines and pose a great threat to Putin’s ability to continue his bid to take over the area.

Ukraine’s gas pipe operator is also cutting off the Donbas region, which Russia currently controls, meaning it can no longer move gas into Europe. The decision is a massive blow to Russia’s economy.

Reactions to the Recent Events

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) stated on May 11 in its update about the conflict that Ukrainian troops have successfully gained on the Russians. They are forcing the enemy military to act on the defense, stripping them of their offensive position, which gives them a leg up in the overall conflict. The ISW also projected that the Ukrainians would push the Russians back to their own border in days or weeks.

On May 12, the British Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) intelligence report included notes on the advancement of the Ukrainian military into areas north of Kyiv that Russia once held. It also noted that Russian troops were retreating and moving out of the region after significant losses. The MoD predicted that the Russians would regroup and refocus on protecting supply lines.

In a Facebook post, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed that Russian troops are on the defensive but could not verify they had pushed them back to their border.

In a conflict that has been raging on for more than two months, seeing Ukraine still has the power to force Russia to go from an offensive stance to a defensive one is impressive. Ukraine came into this the underdog, but if these latest reports are accurate, they could change the trajectory of this situation. What does this news mean moving forward in the conflict?

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