Unexpected Guest Makes It Into Yearbook

Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

Unexpected Guest Makes It Into Yearbook

Meg is an adorable golden retriever that serves as the facility dog at Goshen Middle School in Goshen, Ohio. Every day she helps the students feel calm and comfortable as she provides them with love and affection. The school also has a scheduling system that allows people to either have a one-on-one appointment with Meg, or for a class visit to be arranged.

Meg, who is currently two years old, has completed training at Circle Tail, a nonprofit service dog organization. She was then sent to Goshen where she began working for the community. This is her second year working in the school.

Meg is an official member of the Goshen Middle School family, which is why she always gets a yearbook photo on picture day, much like the staff and students do.

In the previous year’s photo, a headshot of Meg with a bandana was taken. The caption of the Instagram post sharing the photo read, “Results are in!!! I think I nailed my yearbook photo!! What do you think?”

During non-school hours, when Meg is off work, she gets to spend her time, not in the halls of Goshen Middle School, but at home with Goshen’s seventh-grade math teacher Kelly DeNu, who is a trained facility dog handler.

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