Unexpected Republicans Running Against Trump

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Unexpected Republicans Running Against Trump

Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) latest comments about how she will stop being a Republican if former President Trump wins the 2024 GOP nomination has sparked rumors that she might be considering running for the White House independently.

Cheney lost her House Primary to the Trump-endorsed candidate last month. This follows the recent move away she has had from the MAGA wing of the GOP, which has made her one of the primary opposing Republican figures to Trump.

It is currently unclear whether Cheney is considering a 2024 run, let alone if she is thinking about running in 2024 as an independent. So far, the upcoming elections are expected to turn into another Trump focused election season. Despite all of this, Cheney has remained an important figure on the national political stage.

According to Doug Heye, a veteran Republican strategist, Cheney will continue to be a prominent voice whether she is in Congress or not. However, with the loss of her House primary, it would be possible that following the loss Cheney started considering a presidential bid as an option.

Her latest comments regarding a potential Trump presidential run in 2024 have also been used by many political observers as fuel in their speculations about Cheney’s upcoming plans.

In an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival on Saturday, Cheney said that she was going to do everything in her power to ensure that Trump does not get to run again. She also added that if he becomes the nominee then she will no longer be a Republican.

Trump has not yet made any announcement regarding whether or not he is planning to run in 2024. Many are expecting an announcement to be made after the midterm elections.

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